Disease Management

Our Disease Management Programs work to improve the healthcare of members with diabetes or heart failure by discovering chronic conditions earlier. We work with members to slow down their diseases and decrease problems. Both our Heart Failure and Diabetes Management programs help members learn to better manage their conditions through support, information and medication management.

Heart Failure Disease Management Program
Follows the guidelines suggested by the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology.

Diabetes Management Program
Follows the guidelines suggested by the American Diabetes Association.

Program Overview
Participants have access to a Blue Cross nurse who works with their disease and the member's doctor, helps with individualized support, provides disease information, assists with coordination of care, serves as an advocate and coach, and helps members find qualified physicians.

  • We review past claims information to identify any members with diabetes or heart disease who may not have received important preventive services.
  • We review pharmacy claims information to identify members who can benefit from useful information about medications used to treat diabetes or heart failure and ways to improve medication management.
  • Eligible members are automatically enrolled; however, participation is voluntary. 

American Heart Association
Learn about heart disease, view information on heart failure signs and symptoms and discover tips for better heart health.

American Diabetes Association
Read about different types of diabetes, take a diabetes risk test and learn what to do if you are diagnosed.

Contact Information
Phone: 800.317.2299
e-mail: help@bcbsla.com